Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming has no further mobile grooming appointments as of March 15,2018. We will notify everyone if future appointments open up for mobile grooming.  We do have immediate appointments available at our new grooming shop conviently located in Davenport /Reunion Area only 20-25 Minutes from the Windermere Area. Reunion Pet Grooming Services is located across the street  from the main entry to the Reunion neighborhood in the Ovation / Publix Shopping plaza right next door to the Reunion Pet Hospital and Veterinarian.  The shop is open Monday - Friday 8AM- 5PM Saturday 8:00AM - 3:00PM the grooming shop address is 7940 Lake Wilson Rd. Davenport, Florida 33896  Call 407-750-2004  or check us out on the web at 

Jeremy from Windermere, FL

Kelsey from Windermere, FL

Lauren from Windermere, FL

Sally from Windermere, FL

Extremely pleased with how well Windermere mobile pet grooming took care of my dog. Amanda was very friendly, loves pets and an excellent groomer!!  Will be using them again!!!

Gina from Windermere, FL



Windermere mobile pet grooming is amazing. I've sent my dog to so many other places and this is the best. With 3 kids it's nice not to have another pick-up and drop-off. My pup is silk on legs when they get done with him. They love dogs. They clean the van after every stop.

Windermere mobile pet grooming came out to groom my dog and I was so impressed.  I have a rescue who doesn't like being around dogs and most people so we thought we would try the mobile grooming.  It was so easy, she just came to the door and an hour later he was done.  She was so patient with him too and he wasn't traumatized.  Also his cut was perfect, she got a lot of stuff the last groomer had missed (ear hair, nails etc). Well worth it!



Bailey from Windermere, FL


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Just switched to Windermere mobile pet grooming and I couldn't be happier with the service, groomer, price and care! Best of all my precious furbaby came back so soft, fluffy and happy. The vans are so clean / spacious. I recommend this company and will be using them again.  Because of the fair price and great overall service, I will most likely be getting her groomed more often than before try Windermere Mobile pet Grooming.

I love using Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming. I have 2 dogs that need haircuts & baths. The groomer is super sweet & the dogs love her. I highly recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Natalie from Windermere, FL

My elderly dog had a great experience for the first time getting bathed and trimmed.  I wish I had known about this Windermere mobile pet grooming before.  I am telling friends about it and the groomer was a delight.  I am only going to use her from now on!

Maddie from Windermere, FL

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Just got my baby Wendy groomed by Windermere mobile pet grooming! They were amazing and sweet with Wendy. They took the time to get to know her before she got groomed. In the end Wendy was not stressed out at all. She was groomed the best I have seen her. We will definitely be calling them again!

Micheal from Windermere, FL

I've used countless mobile dog grooming services for my dog.....  Windermere mobile pet grooming rocks! Well priced, always on time and most importantly they treat your dogs with the care and time they deserve! 5 stars in my book.... Thank you!


I have used Windermere mobile pet grooming several times now and am always very happy. My Pomeranian has had several traumatic grooming experiences, which is why I choose to now have mobile groomer come to the house. They do a fabulous job. At every other groomer I have been to in the past there was always something I didn't quite like about the cut, but I have always loved his cut. They always fully understood what I was asking for. They are also always on time (or early) and are quick so its less stressful for your dog. Very nice groomers who know what they are doing. Highly recommended!

Kyle from Windermere, FL

Riley from Windermere, FL

Cathy from Windermere, FL

Windermere mobile pet grooming came to clean & groom our dogs.. What a fantastic job! The dogs were soooo clean & she did a better job with the grooming than the last 2 places I've taken them. Thank you so much, will definitely be using this company in the future

Paula from Windermere, FL

Prices are great, service even better!My dog and I both love this service. It is great for me because she comes right to the house. They really treat my dog well and do a fantastic job. I can be a real pain with how I want my dog to look and she always comes out looking fantastic.  I highly recommend Windermere mobile pet grooming!

This was my first time to use a mobile service and these guys were great. They trim my dog, wash him, and did everything great! I can’t wait to have them back. The price was great we were treated wonderfully. Thank you very much Windermere mobile pet grooming.

The best grooming company I have found in years hands down! My dog actually sits by the front door I finally realized it's because he somehow knows the groomer is coming!  Amanda really cares and treats my boy so well. She is gentle and Ray always looks and smells great! I would highly recommend Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming to everyone I know!

Windermere mobile pet grooming did an outstanding job on my miniature schnauzer Lady. She's never looked so beautiful. I highly recommend them and intend on using their services time and time again.

Allie from Windermere, FL

John from Windermere, FL

We had Windermere mobile pet grooming out again to groom our dogs and....just as I expected, an A+++++ service and smile from our groomer!  I am a very picky person that expects great customer service and a skilled groomer...Windermere mobile pet grooming has both and I will continue to use them.


I was very happy with this grooming service. My 14 year old Corgi looks like a new dog! The groomer was professional and understood Wally is arthritic and needed to be handled gently. I highly recommend using them.

Nathan from Windermere, FL