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  1. If any of our grooming technicians at Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming or OMGP LLC. feel that your pet is overly stressed or behaving in a manner that may cause injury to itself or our staff, we will discontinue the grooming process, and you will be charged the minimum service/appointment fee of $50.00.

  2. Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming or OMPG LLC. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or any pet.

  3. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please call us 24 hours in advance to avoid a missed appointment charge of $50.00. Please also allow a 30 minute window for the pet grooming technician to arrive for the traffic conditions. If we feel it will be longer than 30 minutes we will contact you with a courtesy call. Service times vary depending on breed, behavior, or condition of pets coat. Pets that don't receive regular grooming services will take longer.

  4. Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming or OMPG LLC. does NOT administer sedatives or drugs to aid in the grooming process.

  5. While we do our best to estimate the cost to groom each pet and provide accurate phone and internet estimates prices are subject to change based on breed, size, behavior, and condition of coat. If an animal is difficult to work with a $15.00 charge will automatically be added to your bill. If we arrive to your home and your pet cannot be groomed for any reason, a $50.00 service/appointment fee will be charged.

  6. Homeowners Associations and condo complexes are implementing policies not allowing commercial activities after a certain time at night or on weekends. Please look into your communities policy and how its enforced before making an appointment. If our technician is refused entry a $50.00 trip will be charged. If you "the customer" or if us "the service provider" are fined or charged a penalty you the "the customer"  are responsiable for payment of fines and or fee's. 

  7. At Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming and OMPG LLC. your pets safety and comfort is our number one priority. We will NOT perform any type of grooming service that causes discomfort, pain, or excessive stress. Senior pets will be only groomed for cleanliness and comfort.

  8. Shaving can cause irritation in some pets. Please monitor your pets closely after their grooming appointment and prevent them from licking, chewing, biting itself, or scratching, the irritation will wear off. Windermere mobile pet grooming or OMPG does not reimburse for VET bills for any issues related to irritations, broken skin, or any issue stemming from your pets grooming service.

  9. All products we use are all natural, safe, and bio-degradable. While they are gentle they may still irritate the eyes of a pet. We are not responsiable for Vet Bills related to eye irritations. 

  10. You agree as the pet owner to advise our professional grooming technician up front of any and all medical conditions, physical limitations, emotional issues, allergies, sensitive areas, and all pre-existing conditions such as joint or hip issues, skin problems, and flee or tick issues.​​

  11. ​Matting issues: Upon inspection, if we find that your pet is matted, and you would like your pet to be brushed out, our de-matting fee is $10.00 for every 15 minutes spent dematting your pet. If your pet can not be de-matted without causing pain or discomfort to your pet, we may advise you to consider clipping the coat short, but will discuss with you prior to clipping. A matted coat causes several health and skin conditions.

Our Windermere Pet Grooming Technicians are available by phone Monday through Saturday 8AM-8PM. Our professional staff will answer any of your questions, and help you determine a custom program to groom your pet with any of your pets' special, individual, specific grooming needs in mind. Call us today at 407-605-2705

Special Note for 

Puppy's First Haircut:

The first grooming experience for a puppy requires patience and understanding. Puppies should begin their first grooming experience after their last set of shots and given the okay from their Veterinarian. As with dogs and people, each puppy is different as well. We have some puppies that scream at the sight of water, while others can complete the entire groom without a hiccup. At Celebration Mobile Pet Grooming and OMPG LLC. we will make it a great first experience and will let your puppy lead the way as to what they can handle... We start by getting them accustomed to the sound of the clippers, the tub, the dryer, etc.  Gradual steps help minimize any potential stress. If at any time we feel that your pup has had enough for the day, we will end the session and reschedule for its completion. Owners can help their pets accept grooming by regularly massaging their pets paws as well as brushing and combing their coats together with regularly scheduling professional grooming.